Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photojournalism: Praying

“Photojournalists and photographers are always confused. We are not photographers, but photojournalists. We record our period and leave it to the next generation. This is not ‘being a photographer’ but ‘being a photojournalist.’ I am not a photography artist. Being an artist is different. I am fed up with this word ‘art.’” - Ara Güler

Allah - Old Mosque, Edirne, Turkey by Ara Güler

“I could not reach a number of men that I wanted to photograph. I wanted to take photos of Einstein, but I was not ‘Ara Güler’ when he died in 1955, I was just an ordinary photographer. I could not take photos of Jean Paul Sartre either, because of my incompetence. Also, there’s Charlie Chaplin. These are important people.” - Ara Güler

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