Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Give Away: The Oscars tote bag and Charlie Chaplin postcard

The Oscars 2013 are already gone. Now it is time to catch up with the movies we did not have chance to see before the ceremony. What about your comments on the Oscars 2013? Let's celebrate cinephiles' one of the most excited moments of the year with a new give away project! This time it is not just a postcard. Yes, I expanded the project a little bit and included a tote bag. ;) Do you wanna win it? Follow the rules and leave a comment then. 

Since I moved to Frankfurt, going to the movies became a challenge to me since almost all the movies are dubbed in German. Then I heard about Deutsches Film Museum and their film program with 2013 Oscar-Nominated Best Picture screenings in English. Before the screening, I took a look at the museum shop (my favourite section in any museum!), and just came accross with this humorous tote bag: "First I would like to thank the Academy." I was pretty sure you'd love it too! With the well known quote from the Oscars on the tote bag, you can carry your cinephile spirit during this whole year. This classic quote would be a perfect match with a time-honored actor, therefore it is accompanied by a Charlie Chaplin postcard. ;) 

Now, let's talk about the rules:

1. This give away is open internationally and will be running for two weeks starting on 19.03.2013 and ending on 02.04.2013.
2. One (1) lucky follower will win the prize by entering this give away
3. You should like The Little Miss Postcrosser Facebook Page and/or follow it on Twitter. (Comments on social media or other websites will not be admitted.)
4. Leave a comment on the blog post and mention which film you'd pick, if you were a member of the Academy.  
5. Winner will be determined by the lottery and one (1) winner will be announced on the blog, and contacted via e-mail. Anyone who does not confirm their prize within 72 hours will be replaced by someone else. 

IMPORTANT: I need your e-mail addresses in order to be able to contact you after the lottery. So, if your ID is not open to public, please send me an e-mail (to chiydem@gmail.com) with your username. Otherwise, I will have to replace you with somenone else. 

Last but not least,  Deutsches Film Museum host a very exciting temporary exhibition AND THE OSCAR® GOES TO… 85 Years Best Film. if you pass through Frankfurt, I recommend from heart that you should visit it. It is open till May 5th. 

Oh, I was about to forget!
Spreading the word and talking about the Little Miss Postcrosser's give away project on social media will be -obviously- appreciated! Many thanks in advance AND good luck!


  1. Oh I love that bag! I did a quick Google search but couldn't find it, I do hope I get picked so I can rock that pretty bag : ))

    Oscars get me excited each year. This year I hadn't seen all the movies either, but I did see Django Unchained twice. I guess it would still be the one I picked even after seeing all the other ones.

    Enjoy Frankfurt and all the movies : )


  2. Loooooove the bag!

    Definitly I choose Django Unchained, the soundtrack is the best I've heard in a long time! xoxo from Brazil! <3

  3. Chic bag!

    If I were a member of the Academy, I'd pick Django Unchained! Superb acting and story lines :)

  4. I wish I'd know other giveaways on this blog!
    I vote for Argo. I think Django was nothing like a Tarantino movie.
    postcrossing my fingers to win : )

  5. Yay! another giveaway!
    I choose Argo! because there is the gentle George Clooney xoxoxo :D

  6. Awesome tote!
    If I were a member if the Academy, I'd definitely pick Django Unchained also. Leonardo's acting was amazing as always!


  7. I love to carry this type of tote bags. It is very pretty and very good also. So, thanks for this sharing.

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    1. Hello Cayden, you are the winner of this give away project. Congratulations! ;)
      Can you send me your postal address via e-mail please? Thank you.

  8. What a cute tote bag! Hope that I can get it as well!! I vote Les Miserables on Oscar. I like the way Anna Hathaway sings without lypsinc in her movie

  9. Ooops! i almost missed this! The tote bag is so cool! :) 2nd April is my birthday so i think i should be the lucky one. -greedy follower is greedy :p- i really can't understand how Europeans are okay with the dubbing. It is extremely annoying to me! Anyway, If i were a member of the Academy and wasn't crazy enough to compare Amour and Silver Linings Playbook i would definitely vote for Les Misérables!

  10. This looks great! Love tote bags, did not buy any recently.
    If I was a member of the academy, I would be cursing to the final short list but vote to Amour at the last day of the voting. In your face, Hollywood!
    That said, I love me a little American movie, would hate having to see it dubbed. Or Amour, for that matter.

  11. Wow what a beautiful blog and a super cool bag!
    My Oscar goes to, hmmm, Amour! Livelong dear Haneke!

    I hope i can win the giveaways:) Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you all for your participation. There will be more give away projects. Hope to see you next time again. ;)

    Here is the lottery results: http://thelittlemisspostcrosser.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-Oscars-tote-bag-and-Charlie-Chaplin-postcard-winner.html

  13. hello, where is this tote from? i love it!

    1. Hi, it is from the Deutsches Film Museum in Frankfurt...