Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One day I will live in Paris

A few weeks ago I had a chance to spend a Sunday lunch time in Paris. I was invited to one of my dearest friends holy 30th birthday party. It was a quick one day trip that was full of joy. Here is Paris, me and our short but so precious reunion.

I met Paris in 2005 when I was an Erasmus student in Amiens, in a very small city, just 1,5 hours away from Paris by train. In those days, another close friend of mine was living in Paris and I visited her almost every weekend in 6 months. Now, my every visit to Paris reminds me how I miss French and Parisienne lifestyle. Parisienne joy of life is unique. Beyond art, culture, literature, fashion, architecture, and love, Paris is a museum-city. Every step you take in the city of Paris is an inspiration.

During my last visit I could spend only 3 hours in the city center, and it was all in a restaurant. Indeed Le Petit Zinc is beyond a restaurant that you can dream of. It is in St. Germain, in a very popular but far away from tourist invaded districts. The restaurant is very famous with its marine foods. I was so excited to chat with my friends after such a long time, so I totally forgot to take photo. (My dislike of foodporn photos is another issue, but I would like to have taken photos of the space. Next time...)

It was Sunday, almost all shops in the city were closed, but God blesses airport shopping. ;) While waiting for my return flght, I stepped into a Kiosk and bought couple of magazines and these two postcards. Two woman drinking coffee was taken by Maurice Branger, around 1925, and lovers in a cafe was taken by Henri Cartier-Bresseon in 1969.

Macarons... and La Durée... It was just in front of me when I headed to the gate. It was definitely what we call luck. ;) A box of La Durée's significant tea accompained by the delicious macarons. The postcard that I received from my friend completed the summary of my Sunday trip to Paris. ;)

Paris, believe me honey, moving in with you is my dream. Till then, let's keep in touch.

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