Friday, April 5, 2013

Spotted: Hate mail postcards, offensive messages from Mr. Bingo

Are you dissappointed, pissed of or upset? Send a hate mail postcard via Mr. Bingo!
Mr. Bingo is a London-based illustrator who created the idea of hate mail. About a year ago, he was drunk in his studio and he tweeted "first person replies to this tweet, I'll send him an offensive message on back of a postcard." Suprisingly he got 50 replies! It was so interesting to see how people wanted to be hated. So, Mr. Bingo developed the hate mail postcard service where people could request offensive messages to be sent on their behalf. 

We are expecting that sending postcard should be joyful. Image on the postcard should be cheerful and the messages should contain hope, luck and good wishes. Mr. Bingo converses all these postcard intentions while he is making simply fun of people through his abusive illustrations. It can be hurtful, dissappointing or humiliating. It doesn't matter. Because the one and only rule of this service is: "Specific requests are not allowed." Each postcard is sent randomly, so you get what you are given. It is obvious that Mr. Bingo doesn't take any responsibility for anyone who suffers emotionally. Why should he?

The hate mail service is still open. Bad news: it is only in UK and due to its popularity, it is limited. On the other hand, good news: it is now available as a book. So you can get inspiration, copy it or just send one of these hate mail postcards to the one who disturbs you. 

Just a reminder: You are not Mr. Bingo, so you may have to take all responsibility.
Is it risky? Enjoy it! ;)

In the video below, Mr. Bingo narrates the story of the hate mail postcard service. Take a look to his creativity.

via: designboom

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