Monday, July 1, 2013

display your postcards on notebook

Last months I had chance to visit Copenhagen and NY again, and I have lots of notes to share. I couldn't wait till organizing all photos and trip notes; therefore, I decided to post some highlights. Consider them as snapshots. ;)

During my stay in NY, I've been always looking for new stationary ideas. Nevertheless, there were lots of charming notebooks, sticky notes, stamps, pens and pencils. Among all, there was a beautiful postcard display idea in MoMa museum shop; a postcard notebook.

I couldn't take a good quality photo of the notebook (due to the museumshop supervisor issues.. :/ ) and I couldn't have found any related image in Internet. But the idea is quite simple; you have a blank page notebook, and you stick your postcards in it. Hence, they aren't getting lost or damaged. You can also take notes about them; where you bought it, who sent it to you, what it reminds you of, etc.

To be honest, I'm concerned about notes written by senders. I don't want to damage them with a glue. So, maybe photo corner stickers are better than glues.

I'll try it asap. What do you think? Is it a brilliant postcard displaying idea or old-fashioned? How do you store your postcards? Yes, I have lots of questions and looking forward to hearing from you.

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