Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From a Polaroid into a Postcard

Creativity with postcards doesn't have any limits. Here is PolaroiDIY. It is a perfect project for personalized and creative postcards. 
"First thing to know: Polaroids can be mailed without an envelope!"

As you see, all you need is a polaroid photo of you holding an open blank notebook. I prefer the photos without showing faces, since the focus can be directly taken onto the message. But it depends on your choice for sure.

After the photo shoot, take a fine point pen (or Sharpie) and write your message onto the blank pages of the notebook. Nevertheless, short messages fit better, such as, "Thank You", "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas", and etc. A quick reminder! If the message is from a group of people (a couple or a family for example), it is possible to include more than one person in the photo. Sky is the limit! 

Final step; mailing postcard. You can just add a stamp and write address in a regular way on the back. But it is also possible to place stamp and address on the front, and write a longer message on the back. As you wish! 

If you don't have any Polaroid camera (like me), maybe you should first start to the project from googling an affordable and recommended camera (like I do). ;) 

via Brit.co

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