Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Banksy postcards: artworks from streets to homes

It is Banksy’s image of a girl frisking an Israeli soldier, which is originally painted on a wall in Israel. But its spirit can definitely be felt in any other zones in the world that are (or were) under military occupation. For example, it reminded me of 1940s' Berlin.

A couple of months ago, I had a chance to visit Charlie Checkpoint and Berlin Wall Museum. The history lying there is absolutely striking and dramatic as much as what Banksy had illustrated. Indeed, this tragedya could not stop neo-liberal popular culture hunters. Today, small pieces from the Berlin Wall are the most popular merchandises in Berlin souvenir shops. Besides, carrying Berlin Wall to home costs only around 5.

In a simiar vain, nowadays, Banksy's street paintings are on display in art galleries. How can we exhibit a street art project in a gallery? By moving that piece of wall from its original place and establishing it in an art space of course! If Walter Benjamin could see this, he would probably point his finger and say: This absolutely destroys the "hic and nunc" of the artwork. But in today's art market, who cares it anymore? 

Below you can watch a thought provoking video on how they move Banksy's paintings.

Obviously, carrying Banksy home is so much more expensive than Berlin Wall pieces from souvenir shops. If you don't have that much money, you can buy a postcard. It's a cheaper hobby. ;) 

I bought these postcards from Art Multiples, a famous postcard shop in Amsterdam, but it is also possible to find Banksy postcards online. They are available on Redbubble.com.  

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