Monday, February 11, 2013

Give Away: Paris vs New York Postcards

Paris vs Newyork postcards are illustrations from Vahram Muratyan's blog project, where he illustrates the tally of two cities. It's definite that the illustrations own the perfection of simplicity with a strong sense of humour.
"A friendly visual match between two cities told by a lover of Paris wandering through New York. Details, clichés, contradictions: This way, please."  
Now, you have a chance to get one of these postcards as a celebration of launching. By the way, it's the first give away project of the Little Miss Postcrosser, so I'm really excited. ;)

When I first saw this project, it really made me laugh, since he caught real good details and clichés of the two cities. The illustrations are colorful, simple, easy to affirm their points and so perfect! They were first available as prints and stretched canvases, and now as a postcard set too. Postcard set is adorable by itself, because it allows you to have each illustration. Like I do now! Since I'm not a selfish postcrosser, I really enjoy to share them with you. Without further ado, let's see the Little Miss Postcrosser's first give away project.

The Little Miss Postcrosser is founded in the beginning of December 2012 and now it's time celebrate it! As a celebration of launching I have decided to give away five postcards from Paris vs. New York postcard set. ;)

It's so easy to enter, just do the followings:
First, like the Little Miss Postrcosser page on Facebook and/or follow it on Twitter. (If you are already a fan and/or a follower, you can skip intro.) Then, you are asked to comment below, and name your favourite postcard among five with a few words on your city preference; Paris vs. New York.

Comments until the midnight of February 18, 2013 will be accepted to the project and postcard receivers will be determined by lottery.

Last but not least, each postcard will be given away to different individuals. So you have really chance to get one. Enjoy it! ;)


  1. çok güzeller maşallah....

  2. j'aime bcp toutes ces illustrations crées par lui et je les ai bcp utilisées comme l'image d'arrière-plan de mon ordinateur. qd aux cartes postales, je prefere celle d'americano car "I love NY" et "I love americano". Bir tasla iki kus ;)

  3. I love this postcard set, every single of them! But my favorite is the coffee one I guess, due to my coffee addiction.

    And by the way I'm never sure what my choice would be of those beautiful cities. Paris has the language problem and NY is far from home. :)

  4. The one with the cupcakes vs. macarons of course! I can't imagine choosing between the two though, eating both would be ok. :p

  5. dido like bordeaux // cosmo !!!

  6. First of all, congratulations! Your Facebook page looks fun :)

    I'd love to have the "parisienne // mad men" set please... It's the best choice for a copywriter who loves the Parisienne look :)

    I've been a fan of Paris since I was a child, but I still haven't been to New York. So my choice would be to *see* New York first, hopefully within the next few years :)

  7. Awesome website! Great stopover for a fellow postcard lover. Thanks! Among the postcards, my favourite is the amelie vs carrie! :)

  8. Oleeeeey expresso vs americano :) j'adore celle-là!

  9. The postcard with macarone and cupcakes. They are really cute. I hope that I can get one of them . I think Paris and New York is a good place. I mean, they have their own unique. Paris with the romantic side also its fashion and New York with the modern side . But I prefer Paris because Paris has eiffel tower and I wanna be there someday.....

  10. Iremini like expresso vs americano!! In addition: paris je t'aime

  11. gamze like expresso & bordeaux & amelie!

  12. I love this series, each one is great! But if I would pick one and only one, I would go with the parisienne / mad men one, because of the red/white/black colour scheme. Devilishly simple!

    If I would pick one of the cities, I would definitely go with New York. Been there only once for 4 brief days, but it already feels like I have spent part of my life in it. I blame my very bad habit of daydreaming and all the movies and tv series I have shoved down my hungry eyes.

    I love the blog and your commitment to it, looking forward the new posts!



  13. espresso & americano for my #coffeeoftheday ;)

  14. Hi,I'm jodikmy from the PC forum. I love the "parisienne VS mad men" one the most:) For the two cities,I haven't been to any one of them. But I think I'd choose Paris becuase it symbolises romance,which leaves me more room for imagination.

  15. whooa i've been waiting for so long for these postcards! i really love parisienne and mad man.. hope i can win it.. thank you dear! :)

  16. My favorite is Amelie vs Carrie.

    Paris is one of my favorite cities and I really can`t wait to visit it.
    (#9 )

  17. I'm not sure where I am supposed to like the page on Facebook, it doesn't say.
    My favorite is definitely Amelie vs Carrie as Amelie is my favorite movie.

    I have never been to Paris. I have been to New York twice and it's such an awesome city. I'm sure Paris is great as well though.

    1. Hi! First, thanx a lot for your interest. :)
      Social media buttons are on the right side of the page, but here is the direct link for you to facebook page:
      Best wishes! ;)

  18. Nice postcards... I like macaron vs cupcakes the most~

  19. wow, amazing postcards... I love expresso one because I expresso addict haha :))

    (#18 tirshabrina)

  20. oh dear i've been wanting these postcards for so long since i saw them on tumblr. i love the parisienne vs madman.. thanks!!

    #23 mariaoktaf

  21. your give away project is so awesome!
    i would love to receive bordeaux and cosmo :D

    i hope someday i can visit paris. and see eiffel tower :)
    i have a best friend there, also, i want to visit her home as soon as possible.

  22. Wow wonderful postcards,I really love parisienne vs madmen,because of that look harmonious :)

    I hope I can visit to Paris one day,Paris has everything it has exited far so long that it has fantastic history and monuments that go way back in history
    oh I love history :)

    Greetings from Indonesia
    Thank you

  23. My favorite is the Parisienne vs. Mad Men card!

    If i were to choose between NY and Paris, I'll choose to visit Paris!
    Paris is beautifully romantic. People also said that French people are usually slim and gorgeous!

  24. The Macaron/Cupcake one is my fav!
    I would choose Paris, I've heard so much things about it and I hope I can visit it soon! :)

    (#29 maujotaite)

  25. I like Amelie vs Carrie !!

    Jesica Parker is so great actress, i love "sex and the city', and telling the truth I'm watching now the second part of this movie)))

    ThankU so much!!!!! so nice project)))

    #30 YanaVYY

  26. Amerlie vs Carrie :D

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, I'm shirleycr @PC Forum and I liked the FB page :)

    I prefer Paris, love the food and the views :) But both cities are great!

  27. I love the Macaron/Cupcake. So cute :D

    Preferred city is New York :D

    Thank you for this giveaway lottery!

    #33rd on the forum

  28. Hello..
    very nice for the I love this postcard set, every single of them! But my favorite is the coffee one I guess, due to my coffee addiction. for the different postcard is good ?

    Postcards NYC