Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rabari Magician by Steve McCurry

A fascinating photo of Rabari Magician in India. By Steve McCurry. 

This postcard is from Steve McCurry's photography exhibition, "The last roll of Kodachrome"hosted by Istanbul Museum of Modern Art in 2011.
"With the constant development of technology and digital cameras becoming widespread, the production of the Kodachrome film, a favorite especially of photojournalists, was discontinued in 2009. The Kodachrome film, which was first produced in 1935 and considered an “icon” of imaging technology, has, in its 73-year history, been one of the films most preferred by photographers, amateur and professional alike. In 1973 famous artist Paul Simon wrote a song for the film which had become a legend at the end of the 1960s and in the 70s.
Steve McCurry, who states that since the beginning of his photographic career he took unforgettable shots with Kodachrome, asked Kodak to give him the last roll of Kodachrome film to come off the production line in Rochester, New York. The company accepted right away and thus Steve McCurry witnessed the closing of an era by taking pictures of people and cities in different countries using the last 36 exposures of this film which had been his mainstay for 30 years."
When he started his project, Steve McCurry had no idea on what to shoot. Then he went to New York, but he definitely didn't want to shoot any street photos without any story. First, he shot Rober de Niro in order to establish a story of the city, and then he came up with an idea to take portrait photos in India. According to Steve McCurry, the essential feature of Kodachrome is its ability to enhance colors, and India is one of the most colorful place in both sense, visual and cultural. 

Steve McCurry narrates the story of this exhibition very briefly on his blog and you can read it here.

Most of people can remember Steve McCurry from his iconic photo Afghan Girl, Pakistan. Nevertheless, Steve McCurry and his photograpic career is beyond this photo and legendary. You can take a visit on his official website, and discover it by yourself.  

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